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The wishing well can be found at [Starglade(X:156 Y:98)].


It can be used 5 times a day (12 times a day for VIP members) by throwing in lucky coins, which are upgrade from Ancient Coins for 15 silver. The first time costs 3 coins, the second 6, the third 9, the fourth 12 and the fifth 15.


After Receiving a certain amount of Title Cache Shards you can turn them in to the well to receive a title, which can be upgraded when a certain number of shards is reached. Check our Achievements page for a list of titles.


A random amount of prizes are received each time, tosing more coins does not necessarily mean more prizes. Prizes include:

Ancient Coin

Lucky Coin

Golden Fruit of Honor

Heroic Wings

Refining Capsule

Title Cache Shard

2x Offline EXP Token

Blessed Stone

Bronze Honor Badge

Silver Honor Badge

Pet Skill Books

Pet EXP Pearl (Bound)

1 Hour AFK Card

Gold Honor Badge

Mount Upgrade Token

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