This event is made in honor of the NBA team Spurs beating the Heats in the NBA 2014 Championships.


6/19/2014 - 6/25/2014


The NBA Finals have come to an end with the Spurs coming out on top. Congratulations to all the players who selected the correct team: for the following week you’ll have the opportunity to exchange your “Beat the Heat!” title for a “We Are the Champions” title (permanent) by visiting the Quartermaster in Starglade. 

With this title, you’ll also be able to get a free Champion’s Ring (3-day) and have the option to buy a permanent Champion’s Ring for 1,000 Crystal from the Quartermaster.

We Are the Champions  (title)

  • Movement Speed +5
  • Physical Attack +1%,
  • Magic Attack +1%
  • Max HP +1%

Champion’s Ring  (Insignia)

  • Strength +15
  • Intellect +15
  • Agility +15
  • Endurance +15
  • Attack Speed +4%
  • Casting Speed +4%
  • Movement Speed +12
  • HP +4%
  • Physical Damage Reduction +4%
  • Magic Damage Reduction +4%
  • Bestows Skill: Rage Explosion

Rage Explosion: Deal damage to a single target based on your strength, intelligence, and agility, also lowers target’s max HP. Can only be used on other players.

Note: The title ingame is shortened to "Champions"

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