Claude suggest that the character speaks to Emma the potion vendor to learn about health and mana.



To start the quest you must have complete the quest Equipping Weapons, and continue the dialog with Claude who will suggest to visit Emma (in Zensho Island).


Claude: Ask any tied and true adventurer and they will tell you that this job is full of occupational hazards! Health and mana potions are vital to keeping your face off the ground in the battlefield Emma can be a litle cranky at times, but she's quite the alchemist. Why dont you go talk to her now?

You: A cranky alchemist? I'll try to be careful...


The character speaks to Emma the potion vendor.


To end the quest the character must speak to Emma and finish the dialog.


  • 12 copper
  • 60 experience


  • When meeting Emma the character says that it has heard many great things about Emma from Claude. Although Claude does praise Emma he also says that she is very cranky. Emma declines the idea that Claude could have said anything good about her.
  • Claude suggests that the character should speak to Emma to learn about potions. However in the quest nothing is really learned.

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