Emma shares a few mana and health potions, as well as shows the player how to use them.


Non Player Characters involved in the quest.


You must complete quest Vist Emma the Potion Vendor before you can start the Using Potions quest.


To complete the quest you must open your inventory and use a health potion to restore your health to full and then talk to Emma again. Note you can just rest (by using key 'u') to fill up your health and then talk to Emma again to complete the quest, thus saving you a health potion.


With full health speak again to Emma to finish the quest.


  • 10 Minor Mana Potions
  • 10 Minor Health Potions
  • 39 copper
  • 80 experience


  • When you accept the quest your health actually goes down some. Thus causing you to have to use a health potion, although you can just rest and not use a potion.
  • Before the quest you have no health potions in your inventory, but Emma gives you one when you accept the quest to use. After completing the quest she gives you 10 more.

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