Item Type: Consumable-Other

Cannot be traded

Use at: Location indicated

Activity item. Use it to find Gold Pots, which contains a lot of treasure.

Use: Obtain Brimming Pot of Gold

Obtain: Talk to Quartermaster to recieve a Treasure Map during the duration of the Gold Pot Hunt event.

Item Code: [i^dch842] 

Coordinate List:

Copy and paste coordinate code into chat box, then click link to autopath to correct location to use map.

Location Coordinate Code
Tundara [a^Tundara Treasure^2780,2222@c2]
Shrine of Kithara [a^Shrine of Kithara Treasure^1764,1881@d3]
Kaspaya Beach [a^Kaspaya Beach Treasure^3573,2440@b6]
Kaymo Mountain [a^Kaymo Mountain Treasure^2286,3325@b7]
Lycanmarsh [a^Lycanmarsh Treasure^1823,1297@c3]
Cragstone [a^Cragstone Treasure^2405,2297@b3]
Blackrock Gorge [a^Blackrock Gorge Treasure^2006,2086@a4]
The Glimmering Plains [a^The Glimmering Plains Treasure^2676,1508@b5]
Aurora Point [a^Aurora Point Treasure^4008,2728@c1]

Also See: Treasure Map

Note: This item does stack, and consecutive maps change locations to match the initial one. You might want to hold onto all the Maps till after the event is over, then open them all at once.