Item Type: Consumable-Other

Cannot be traded

Use at: Location indicated

Double-click to use. Follow the hints to find (item). Cannot be traded.

Use: Obtain item listed.

Obtain: Talk to Quartermaster to recieve a Treasure Map during the duration of the Treasure Hunt event.

Item Code: [i^dci837] 

Coordinate List:

Copy and paste coordinate code into chat box, then click link to autopath to correct location to use map.

Location Coordinate Code
Aurora Point [a^Aurora Point Treasure^4008,2728@c1]
Blackrock Gorge [a^Blackrock Gorge Treasure^2006,2086@a4]
Cragstone [a^Cragstone Treasure^2405,2297@b3]
Himeng Valley [a^Himeng Valley Treasure^3197,2522@b4]
Kaspaya Beach [a^Kaspaya Beach Treasure^3573,2440@b6]
Kaymo Mountain [a^Kaymo Mountain Treasure^2286,3325@b7]
Lycanmarsh [a^Lycanmarsh Treasure^1823,1297@c3]
Shrine of Kithara [a^Shrine of Kithara Treasure^1764,1881@d3]
The Glimmering Plains [a^The Glimmering Plains Treasure^2676,1508@b5]
Tundara [a^Tundara Treasure^2780,2222@c2]

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