The Necropolis
Map- Necropolis
Description: The Necropolis is the 8th region you will explore. For levels 100-120.
Town: N/A
Maps: Bloodshed Hollow (Lvl 100-101)

Cimmerian Abyss (Lvl 102-103)
Valley of Torment (Lvl 104-105)
Hade's Inferno (Lvl 106-107)
Chasm of Horrors (Lvl 108-109)
Hell's Doorstep (Lvl 110-111)
The Rotting Corridor (Lvl 112-113)
The Hall of Pestilence (Lvl 114-115)
Chamber of the Damned (Lvl 116-117)
The Throne Room (Lvl 118-120)

Dungeons: N/A
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