Item Type: Consumable-Quest Item

Cannot be traded

Cannot be placed in vault

Use at: Location indicated

It can guide you to find ancient relics!

Use: Diviner System.

  • Continuous efforts finally resulted in a successful divination! (Gives 5 divination points.)
  • Your divination attempt created a powerful monster. (Gives 5 divination points. Spawns Relic monster)

Obtain: Diviner Interface: Receive Tarot Card. 10 per day, no more than one at a time.

Item code: [i^sz9010a]

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Coordinate List:

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Location Coordinate Code
Blackrock Gorge [a^1^1069,1902@a4]


Cragstone [a^1^3778,3372@b3]




Himeng Valley [a^1^780,874@b4]




Kaspaya Beach [a^1^1564,500@b6]



Kaymo Mountain [a^1^2177,1287@b7]





Kraken Beach [a^1^3993,920@a3]



The Glimmering Plains [a^1^2732,1663@b5]