Item Type: Collectable-Materials

Cannot be traded

Used to further soul development. Visit the Ranger Elder (Tree of Life) and use Soul Root Crystal to fuse.

Unit Price: 1c



  • Soul Shard Exchange: Ranger Elder in The The Tree of Life will trade Soul Root Crystal x10 for one soul shard. Can be done 5 times a day.
  • Crystal Ladder: Your will be rewarded with one soul shard for every 10th level you reach when you claim your ladder reward from Ardhon the Guardian. You just have to reach a 10th level, not clear it.
  • Corruption: Level 6, 7 and 8 corruption packs contain one soul shard
  • The Void: Level 6-10 has the chance of giving one soul shard
  • Fate Shop: Single soul shards can be bought for 115 Crystal, Soul Shard Combo packs are also available.
  • Token Exchange Event

Item Code: [i^sx0020]

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