Sengolia is a level 30+ PvP battleground which you can participate in at 15:00 and 19:00 server time (unlimited attempts).  

When you enter, you will be randomly assigned to 1 of the 2 teams: Spirit or Demon


Your goal is to destroy the other team's Crystal of Life. There are 4 towers on each side of the battle ground- 4 for Spirit and 4 for Demon. Destroying these will give all members of your team level-based EXP.

There will also be Spirit/Demon Guardians (they're not very beneficial, so just ignore them).

Remember, even if you are weak, you can still help your team mates and make a difference. If you are inactive for 3 minutes or more, you will be automatically kicked from the battleground. (If you are weaker than some of your team mates and they're all heading for the opposing team's crystal, think logically and find a way to help them, such as destroying the towers, killing people, or even as a distraction as you team mates hack away at the opposing team's crystal)

When PvPing others here, the person that gets the last hit gets the kill, and therefore will get the points. 

To make it fair, don't spawnkill at the other team's spawnpoint. Be a fair player and le everyone have a chance.


The Sengolia Battlegrounds Map


Rewards are 240 honor 20 bronze badges and 1 silver badge for the winning team. Losing team or tie will receive 80 honor 10 bronze badges. You can also obtain more silver badges by killing people which give you 3 points per kill and you can get 1 point per 5 minutes not AFK inside Sengolia.

Points will get you bonus Silver Honor Badges if you reach a certain amount of points:

30 points: 1 Silver Badge (Minimum 6 kills)

50 points: 2 Silver Badges (Minimum 13 kills)

75 points: 3 Silver Badges (Minimum 20 kills)

100 points: 4 Silver Badges (Minimum 30 kills) 

After leaving, the winning team will recieve a Battle March buff. Both teams will recieve an Exaustion buff. Both will last for 1 hour.