This following strategy guide has not been tested nor has it been proven to work yet.

I put this up here hoping that players will eventually be interested in applying this strategy for a win instead of the usual tie...

In order for the strategy to work, the following guidelines need to be met:

  1. At least 70% of the players from one side are willing to cooperate (this is usually the impossible part)
  2. All players are then required to be form one of the following party: Distraction, PK or Tower squad.

Description of Distraction Squad

The distraction squad is the party that runs towards the endzone of the opposite team. For example, if you were on the distraction squad of team Red, then you would run towards the Blue's endzone near the NPC.

Purpose: Distract opposing team's players by having them run after you. This will delay them from returning to protect their crystal when they're done chasing after you. Giving the PK and Tower squad plenty of time to deal some serious damage to the CrystalTower.

Party Members:

  • relatively new to the game, and doesn't know what to do
  • weak and can't kill anything in PVP fights
  • knights amd tanks without savage gear are perfect for this as they are too weak to help in fights

Description of PK Squad

The PK squad as its name implies is the one in charge of doing PVP fights. They are the ones that are very strong and can kill pretty quickly in PVP fights.

Purpose: PK opposing team's players and defend crystal tower if needed.

Party Members:

  • experienced PVP players
  • strong and in most cases can win solo fights
  • Rangers and Mages (ice mage) are ideal as they can fight from a distance
  • Priests must also be included in PK squad for support purposes

Description of Tower Squad

The Tower squad is in charge of damaging and destroying the Crystal Towers.

Purpose: Only focus crystal tower and nothing else.

Party Members:

  • inexperienced at PVP
  • relatively strong but not strong enough to do PVP fights
  • attacks really fast
  • Rogues and Mages (fire mage) are usually good picks for this