The Quest Respawn is the very first quest a player ever completes.



To start the quest all you have to do is create a new account and when you open the game you will automaticly be in the quest.


Through the quest the player learns that they have died in the 'last great battle' but it is learned that the Goddess has blessed the greatest warriors with rebirth. The character remembers nothing of the last great battle.


To end this quest you must go through the dialog with the Goddess of Fate, afterwhich you complete the quest.


Goddess of Fate: Welcome to Vidalia, brave adventurer! Today is your lucky day! How does it feel to be reborn?

You: Reborn? Did I...

Goddess of Fate: Yes, brave warrior. You did not survive the last great battle. But the Goddess has blessed many of our greatest warriors with the gift of rebirth. She has important things in store for you.

You: I'm so confused. I died, but now I'm back again? But, I can't seem to remember anything... who am I?

Goddess of Fate: Yes,. many of the reborn experience that. Apparently the Goddess has many lessons for you to learn. It is time for you to learn how to live your new life to the fullest... for Vidalia!

You: It is so overwhelming. I guess I better get started.


  • 5 copper
  • 30 experience

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  • The Goddess of Fate tells the character that the 'Goddess' has blessed the greatest warriors with rebirth. She could be referring to herself.

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