Pet Enhancement is a system that allows you increase your pet’s aptitude.

Why should I use Pet Enhancement?

  • To make a pet stronger.
  • Your next-generation pet will have more aptitude (See Breeding)

Click the Enhance button in the Pet Panel. Next, click the Enhance button in the Pet Enhancement Panel. Requires Maturity Stone




  • Pet Level: Both pets must reach level 80.
  • Pet Gender: Primary pet and secondary pet must be different genders.
  • Pet Generation: Both pets must be the same generation.

Aptitude Transfer

The higher the aptitude on your secondary pet, the higher aptitude your primary may receive. Use Pet Enhance to receive higher aptitudes (see Enhancement)

The more Pet Breeding Stones you use, the higher the transfer rate - 30% is the maximum transfer rate.

Note: Once the transfer rate reaches 30%, adding additional Breeding Stones will NOT further increase the transfer rate. Your Breeding Stone will still be consumed, however!

Breeding Effect

Once the breeding is successful, the secondary's pet aptitude and maturity will be multiplied by the transfer rate then added to the primary pet's aptitude and maturity. Once the breeding is successful, the pet will be set to level 1. The attributes, except for the aptitude and maturity, and the skills will be the same as the primary pet. The new pet aptitude = Primary pet aptitude + (Secondary pet aptitude x transfer rate) The new pet maturity = Primary pet maturity + (Secondary pet maturity x transfer rate)

Breed Success Rate

The breed success rate is the highest when the two pets are the same. The breed success rate is the lowest when the two pets are different and the types are also different. Normally the secondary pet will disappear after the breeding, regardless if the breed was successful or not. In order to prevent the disappearance of the secondary pet when the failed breeding, a Breeding Insurance Token may be used.

Breed chart.jpg

You just click breed

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