Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games thrive on active players. To encourage players to be active, Crystal Saga implements several bonuses and an automatic character deleter.



For every hour spent online, two coupons are rewarded.  (However, VIP Characters earn 4 coupons per hour.)  Coupons can be spent in the Item Shop under the tab 'Coupon'. Everything bought with coupons is bound. Players with at least a rank of Captain can talk to King Valcroy once a day to receive coupons. The amount of coupons received depends on your rank. Hourly coupons can be claimed by clicking the button on the minimap that looks like the image on the right.

Crystal Essence

For every 15s a character is online, two crystal essences are rewarded. Crystal Essence can be stored within Crystal Essence Vials(Empty), and you can get them in the Item Shop for 20 Crystal. Full vials can be traded. Currently, Crystal Essences are used for the upgrading of Souls and there is sometimes an event to trade 3k at a time for a pack.

Log-in Bonuses

When logging onto individual characters, there are two bonuses: a daily quest available from Event Masters and Green Dragon Coins. One Green Dragon Coin is rewarded every day logged in. Every three consecutive days of completing the sign-in quest, a prize is awarded. The prize is random. All prizes from the log-in bonuses are bound (cannot be traded). Salary Pick Up from King Valcroy also gives coupons based on your honor rank every day you logged in, note that you have to be level 30+.

A new update in crystal saga makes it that you will also recieve a daily login bonus aswell as a continuous day login bonus.  Be wary of whenever you can play/log-in, and pick up your bonuses whenever you can;  if you don't pick up your continuous bonus and you log-in the next day, your previous bonus will be overriden by the current day's continuous bonus.  After 13 days of continuous day login bonus, the items you will recieve will stay the same prior to the 13th day. If you miss a day, you will still recieve a daily login bonus but the continuous login bonus will start again from day 1. The daily login bonus is 1x 1hr afk card, 1x health orb, 2x green dragon coins and 1x normal gem coupon.

Automatic Character Deletion*

Crystal Saga automatically deletes non-VIP characters without a Crystal in their inventory:

  • Characters below lvl 10 will be automatically deleted after 14 days of inactivity.
  • Characters of lvl 10 and up will no longer be subject to automatic deletion after a prolonged period of inactivity.
  • = Functionality changed in 09/23/2011 Patch
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