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Click the [Magic Tower] icon to the left of your toolbar and take a look at your brand new tower. Fight your way to the top, collecting magic orbs and magic essence along the way. These items can then be used to upgrade your tower, providing you with a nice stats boost.

Fight through the Magic Tower to collect magic orbs and magic essences to upgrade the orbs of your own tower. As you continue upgrading your orbs, the tower will grow. Unique items can be obtained from this dungeon.

Players may only attempt this dungeon for free once daily, with a second attempt requiring a Magic Key.

Higher levels in this dungeon give increasingly better drops, but grow increasingly hard.

Dungeon Details

This dungeon is solo and has a level requirement of level 60.

A total of 30 levels is available.

Similar to The Void, upon entering, the player is thrown into a map with monsters to kill to progress. At the start, a one minute Holy Blessing is given to the player. Upon defeating the monsters, a reward chest menu appears on the screen, with opening it giving loot according to level. Upon closing the reward menu, the player is teleported to the next level.

AFK mode is enabled for this map.

A Magic Tower Guard is stationed at every level, offering to return the player back to Starglade if they wish.

Dying on this map teleports the player back to Starglade.

Clearing each level gives a chance at one or two items of the corresponding reward.

Magic Tower Upgrade

As your tower levels up, the tower takes on a new appearance and new stats are added:

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Physical Defense

Armor Penetration


Magic Defense

Physical Attack

Magic Attack

To upgrade, click the upgrade button under the corresponding orb with the correct items in backpack. Each Orb's Maturity is added to the completion bar, with a maximum of 8960 combined maturity.

Levels and Rewards

Level Monster Name Monster Reward for clearing
1 Magic Treant White Magic Orb
2 Magic Goblin Chieftan x4 Screenshot from 2014-06-03 14-50-06 White Magic Orb
3 Magic Shadow Reaper Magic Essence
4 Magic Barbarian x4 White Magic Orb
5 Magic Goblin x4 White Magic Orb
6 Magic Skeleton General
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Magic Essence
7 Magic Altar Priestess x4 Green Magic Orb
8 Magic Skeletal Priest x4 Green Magic Orb
9 Magic Demonic Priest Magic Essence
10 Magic Archer x4 Green Magic Orb
11 Magic Rock Golem x4 Blue Magic Orb
12 Magic Midknight Magic Essence
13 Magic Wolf Watcher x4 Blue Magic Orb
14 Magic Anastasia x4 Blue Magic Orb
15 Magic Indigo Rumbler Magic Essence
16 Magic Succubus x4 Yellow Magic Orb
17 Magic Thundermouse x4 Yellow Magic Orb
18 Magic Emerald Reaper Magic Essence
19 Magic Skeleton Rumbler x4 Yellow Magic Orb
20 Magic Phoenix x4 Yellow Magic Orb
21 Magic Chancellor Magic Essence
22 Magic Sword Demon x4 Purple Magic Orb
23 Magic Guardian x4 Purple Magic Orb
24 Magic Skeletal Rex Magic Essence
25 Magic Cleaver x4 Purple Magic Orb
26 Magic Reaper x4

Orange Magic Orb

27 Magic Ice Queen Magic Essence
28 Clawclops x4 Orange Magic Orb
29 Magic Half-orc x4 Orange Magic Orb
30 Magic Arachne Queen Magic Essence

Upgrade Costs

Ordinary White Orb:
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Maturity: 8
Max Level: 40
Requires: White Magic Orb x8, Magic Essence x9
Outstanding Green Orb:
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Maturity: 20
Max Level: 40
Requires: Magic Essence x18, Green Magic Orb x10
Magic Blue Orb:
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Maturity: 42
Max Level: 40
Requires: Magic Essence x27, Blue Magic Orb x14
Pristine Yellow Orb:
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Maturity: 56
Max Level: 40
Requires: Magic Essence x36, Yellow Magic Orb x14
Epic Purple Orb:
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Maturity: 50
Max Level: 40
Requires: Magic Essence x45, Purple Magic Orb x14
Legendary Orange Orb:
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Maturity: 48
Max Level: 40
Requires: Magic Essence x54, Orange Magic Orb x8