(all times are the server time)

Island of Blessings is dived into 3 sections - 2 Blessing Zones and one Blessed Resource Zone - and 2 teams team A and B, which are marked by blue rings for team A and red rings for team B, similar to how players are marked in Seng. The Island's entrance is open from 12:00 to 12:10. A player who enters is automatically assigned to one of the teams and put in the Blessing Zone for that team. After 12:10 the players can go into the Blessed Resource Zone to harvest Rain Stones. In the Blessed Resource Zones player names are invisible and all players are in evil mode. Rain Stones should be turned in to the NPCs in each Blessing Zone to upgrade the items that are given for the Rain Packs. Every 5 minutes (the time till the next one is displayed as a countdown buff timer on each character) player receive a Rain Pack that is a different color depending on how many Rain Stones have been turned in. Players can obtain Rain Stones from 12:10 to 13:00 (1:00pm). After 13:00 the Blessed Resource Zone is closed and players must remain in their Blessing Areas but the Stones can still be turned in. 5 minutes after the Resource Zone is closed, players are given one final pack then returned to Starglade

Pack Rain Stones Contents
White 0

Health Orb (Bound) x1

Pet Health Orb (Bound) x1

Golden Fruit of Honor x1

Blue 30

1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1

2x Exp Token (Bound) x1

Heroic Wings (Bound) x1

Green 60

Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x50

3x Exp Token (Bound) x1

Amaranthine Essence (Bound) x2

Yellow 90

Fragarach Refinement Crystal x2

Chi Essence (Bound) x1

Soul Shard x2

Purple 120

Ethereal Wings (Bound) x4

Soul print (Bound) x2

Greater Mount Upgrade Token (Bound) x2

(Purple pack has a chance for double rewards)