Movement in Crystal Saga is made through the mouse. Clicking on the screen moves the character to that spot, clicking on an NPC moves the character close enough to interact with them, and clicking on a coordinate moves you to that exact location. Using the quest tracker, you can move and interact appropriately using the coordinates listed. Everything in Crystal Saga can be accessed by the mouse, but there are many buttons and many shortcuts. This guide will give an overview of the interface.


Keyboard layout.jpg

This image displays the quick keys available on a keyboard:

Action Bar 1-8
Action Bar Q, W, E, R
Action Bar A, S, D, F
Target Closest Enemy ~, Ö* Targets the closest available enemy on the screen.
Quest Window T Opens window displaying current quest(s) and available quest(s).
Item Mall Y Opens window displaying several tabs of items available for purchase with either crystals or coupons.
Sit (Character Action) U Causes the character to sit down, regenerating health and mana.
Friends Window O Opens window displaying options to add/remove friends, an ignore list, and marriages.
Party Window P Opens window displaying the parties in current map, create, join, leave and disband party.
Guild/League Window G Opens window displaying league information, announcements, resources, declaration and member list.
Wings Window I Opens window displaying information about current set of wings and its possible upgrades. Also allows player to upgrade wings.
Mount/Dismount (Character Action) Z Causes the character to ride the last available mount if still available or dismount current ride.
Pet Window X Opens window displaying pets and their properties.
Character Window C Opens window displaying player's current character and their status, titles, and other useful details. Also allows player to allocate attribute points.
Skills Window V Opens window displaying skills and talents (based on class). Also allows player to allocate skill points.
General Inventory/Bag B Opens general inventory window.
Mount Window N Opens window displaying all mounts and their properties.
Area Map M Opens a map of the player's current location.
World Map , Opens a map which displays all areas in Crystal Saga.
Farm . AFK Mode : Bot-mode. Farms items and equipment based on last settings.
Block ?
Pick up Items from Ground <SPACE> Picks up all available items nearby from the ground one at a time and places them in player's bag.

Ö*: If you happen to use a Swedish keyboard the "~" does not work but in some browsers it works instead if you use "Ö"

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