Insignias are equipable items obtained by cashing in Honor Badges with General Krahn in Starglade.

Insignias improve characters Attributes and Stats, focusing on increasing your PvP effectiveness

Upon reaching the 2nd Liutenant's Insignia, the Skill Rage Explosing will be available. Effect: Deals damage to a single target based on your strength, intelligence, and agility, also lowers target's max HP. Cooldown: 30 Minutes. Only useable on other players.

Higher level insignias have certain requirements, such as Honor Ranking.

Insignias can be upgraded to the next level by trading in Honor Badges with General Krahn in Starglade.

The upgrade order is:


Upgrade Costs

Insignia Required Rank Bronze Silver Gold
Corporal's Insignia Noble 50
2nd Sergeant's Insignia Baron 60 3
1st Sergeant's Insignia Count 72 11
2nd Lieutenant's Insignia Viscount 86 19
1nd Lieutenant's Insignia Earl 104 27
Captain's Insignia Marquis 124 35
Major's Insignia Duke 149 43
Lieutenant Colonel's Insignia Grand Duke 179 51
Colonel's Insignia Archduke 215 59
Brigadier General's Insignia Elector 258 67 1
Major General's Insignia Viceroy 310 75 3
Lieutenant General's Insignia Viceroy 372 83 6
Brigadier General's Insignia Viceroy 446 91 12
Marshall's Insignia Viceroy 535 99 24