Hellstorm takes place daily at 21:30-21:45. The enterance to Hellstorm closes at 21:35. Upon entering you get thrown into a big room with all other players. Player labels/names are removed, but you can still identify players by their distinct visuals or when targeting them. You will receive a no-attack buff until the entrance to Hellstorm closes.

The goal of Hellstorm is to be the last person standing. The last three players remaining will receive rank rewards according to the order in which they are killed. it is not possible for 2 players to share the same rank. When killed simultaneously both will share the worse rank. i.e: If there are 4 players left and 2 die at the same time both will be ranked as 4th and not be elegible for 3rd place.

The last player to survive must wait until the event finishes to receive his reward. Leaving early will make you forfeit the reward. A participation reward can be picked up by all participating players including the winners.

Having two or more players alive at the end of Hellstorm gives both players the worse pack available (i.e. two players at the end gives both 2nd place packs)

After awarding the last player with their award, a minute timer will appear to teleport the player back to Starglade.

Rewards must be picked up at the Battlemaster in Starglade.


1st place: Soul Print x1 , Pixie Upgrade Crystal x1, Silver Honor Badge x15, Gold Honor Badge x2, Pet Breeding Stone x10, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x1, Fruit of Honor x30

2nd place: Silver Honor Badge x5, Fruit of Honor x10, Gold Honor Badge x1

3nd place: Silver Honor Badge x2, Golden Fruit of Honor x6

Participation Reward: Golden Fruit of Honor x2, Bronze Honor Badge x12