Heavenly Isle
Description: The Heavenly Isle is the seventh region that you can explore.  To access it, you must be level 80 or higher and talk to Ardhon the Guardian in The Tree of Life.  However, if you are a rebirth character and have the Fallen Angel rebirth quest, you may teleport to the Floran Everglades regardless of your level.
Town: N/A
Maps: Seira Island (Lvl 80-82)

Eternal Sanctum (Lvl 82-84)
Holorn Cliff (Lvl 84-86)
Floran Everglades (Lvl 86-88)
Exigent Bluff (Lvl 88-90)
Empyrean Acropolis (Lvl 90-100)

Dungeons: Exelorn Hollows
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