Level Requirement: Level 1

Item Type: Consumable-Potion

Item Level: Level 1

Cannot be traded

Cannot be placed in vault

Bestows upon you the blessing of Godonia. Automatically restores you to full health whenever your HP drops below 50%. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Capacity: 200,000.

Stacks up to: 10,000,000 HP

Use: Adds 200000 HP to Health Reserves. Obtain:

  • Ladder 65 Shawn x5 Health Orbs
  • Fate Shop 30 Coupons
  • Daily Log in Bonus
  • Event: 6/19/14 - 6/25/14: Summer Snorb

Item Code: [i^dy0a01] 

Unbound Version: Health Orb

Also see: Mana Orb (Bound)