Item Type: Collectable-Other

A required item for forging Godlike Mounts

Mount upgrades are based on chance. With each attempt you obtain a certain amount of luck which is converted into lucky stars. The more lucky stars you have the higher your chance of success.

Unit Price: 1c

Use: Upgrade (Transform) Mounts in Mount Menu


  • Rebirth Pack
  • Fate Shop 125 Crystal
  • Super Mount Combo Pack (20% Off) x80 8000 Crystal
  • Mount Extravaganza!

Item Code: [i^sz0010] 

Bound Version: Greater Mount Upgrade Token (Bound)

Previous Level: Mount Upgrade Token

Note: Attempting to shorthand this item (GMUT) would result in censorship of those letters. This is because Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens are a common target for Real World Traders.