Your current friendship level can be determined by going to the friends list (hitting O), and examining the points next to the hearts between you and any person on your friends list. At this time (6 Aug 2013) friendship gives no positive effects to your character in the game.

Your friend can be given gifts by going to the friends list (hitting O) and if you have the appropriate gift in your inventory hitting gift, and then confirming. When gifting many items, it is recommended to move the gift button directly under the yes, to speed up the process.

The gift your friend requests is determined randomly, and assigned daily.

Types of Gifts

  • Letter
  • Wedding Snack
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Gift
  • Chocolate

Friendship Levels and associated titles

Friendship Levels and titles
Friendship Title
0 Aquaintance
50 Colleague
100 Friends
200 Buddy
500 Ally
1000 Companion
2000 Best Friend
5000 Best Friend Forever
8000 Soul-Mate