Legendary Quality

Level Requirement: Level 40

Item Type: Equipment-Weapon

Item Level: Level 8

Cannot be traded

Class: Rogue

Quality: Always Outstanding

Max Durability: 167

Physical Attack: +1018

Critical Strike: +31

Strength: +75

Agility: +135

Physical Attack: +270

Crit Damage: +16%

Bestows Skill:

Sunder (Passive Skill): When attacking, has a 3% chance to trigger Sunder I

Sunder I: Reduces defense by 30%, damage reduction reduced by 10%, lasts 5 seconds.

Frost: When attacking, has a 5% chance to trigger an

Artic Blast: deals damage to all surrounding monsters each second that is equivalent to 65% of potential attack damage; lasts 8 seconds.

Double click to activate or click again to deactivate.

Can be socketed

Can be enchanted

Obtain: Cannot be obtained

Item Code: [i^bs43sn] 

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