Exo map

Map of Exelorn Hollows

  Exelorn Hollows is a dungeon for players level 85 or above. You can enter by talking to Orison at the Eternal Sanctum in the Heavenly Isle area. Talk to Ardhon the Guardian in Tree of Life to access the Heavenly Isle.


Name                        Picture Details/Info                        
[Sin] Gluttony
Quite tanky, deals physical damage. Recommended Buff: Truth
[Sin] Lust

magic damage, lots of skill effects.

Recommended Buff: Steadfastness

[Sin] Greed

Drag, Debuff for having Drive, Truth or Steadfastness Buffs.

Recommended Buff: Perserverance

[Sin] Wrath

Fast attacks, hits hard, physical damage

Recommended buff: Drive and/or Truth

[Sin] Sloth

Physical damage, heavy hitter, can self heal.

Recommended buff: Drive

[Sin] Envy

Deals magic damage, low defense

Recommended buff: Drive and/or Truth

[Sin] Pride

Appears after killing all 6 other sins.

Tanky, heavy physical hitter, self healing. Has temporary magic immunity.Can take quite a while

Recommended buff: Steadfastness and Perserverance, preferably the full 5 minutes of each.

Boss Skills

These skills are the effects that are shown on the bosses and on the characters, since other skills can't really be measured. Offensive skills refer to skills where the effect is on the player (like draining the players hp, stunning ht eplayer, etc) and defensive skills refer to skill effects on the boss (like increased attack, hp regeneration, etc)

Sin Offensive Skills Defensive skills                                                    
Gluttony none Yearning – Restores 2% of HP every 3 seconds, reduces attack strength by 15%; absorbs HP with each attack and reduces target’s current HP by 3%
Lust Hamstring IV – Reduces Attack Speed by 40%. Lasts 6 seconds

Confusion – Unable to attack or use skills for 8 seconds, can be cancelled out by “Steadfastness” Slow I – Reduces movement speed by 30%. Lasts 4 seconds. Ataxia – Deals damage of 10% current HP every 2 seconds to all surrounding enemies within a range of 300, lasts 10 seconds Paralyze – gradually increase movement and attack speeds. Lasts 10 seconds

Greed Root VI - Cannot move, but may use items and skills. Lasts 3.5 seconds

Greed - After 5 seconds, if you don't have the buffs Perseverance, Truth, Steadfastness, and Drive, attack strength will increase by 15%. If one of the above buffs is active, lose 15% of max HP. Also, lose an additional 15% max HP for each additional active buff.

Wrath Bonecrushing Attack - Reduces movement speed by 35%. Lasts 5 seconds.

Hitter - Reduces movement speed by 50%; reduces max HP by 2% every 2 seconds.

Brutality - Increases physical attack by 12% and decreases physical defenses by 25%, cannot be cancelled out by other skills.

Wrath - Increases attack speed by 150%, reduces hit rate by 5%, lasts 8 seconds.

Sloth none Sloth - When under attack, delivers damage of 5% of current HP to an enemy.

Rest - Dodge will be reduced to 0 and you will be unable to attack; restores 2% of max HP every 3 seconds; lasts 20 seconds.

Envy Jealousy - After 5 seconds, if HP is > 50%, you will lose 30% of your current hp. Jealousy - If your HP is > 50%, lose 1% of HP when being attacked; if HP is < 50%, restores 1% of current HP and activates "Jealousy" buff [offensive buff]. Jealousy buff cannot be immune.
Pride Stun I - Stunned. Cannot move. Cannot use any items or skills. Lasts 1 second.

Confidence Killer - Reduces attack speed, casting speed, and movement speed by 30%; removes some booster buffs. Lasts 10 seconds.

Magic Immunity - Magic immunity. Lasts 10 seconds.

Pride - Increase physical attack, magic attack by 15%; Attack speed and casting speed reduced by 10%. Bonus damage deal of 1% HP, plus negation of negative buffs. Lasts 20 seconds (Cannot be cancelled out by other skills.)


Name Picture Totem Effect    
Truth totem
Reflects damage recieved, lasts 5 minutes. Cannot be cancelled out by other skills
Drive totem
Absorbs a certain amount of HP based on damage dealt, lasts 5 minutes. Cannot be cancelled out by other skills
Steadfastness totem
Capable of completely negating negative buffs, lasts 5 minutes. Cannot be cancelled out by other skills
Perserverance totem

Increases physical defense by 50%, lasts 5 minutes. Cannot be cancelled out by other skills

Details by R2

Description: Exelorn Hollows is a hell created from the sins of man. Inside, battle super strong manifestations of each deadly sin and free yourself!

Recommended party size: 5

Normal Mode rewards

  • Equipment: level 81-90 Blue (or lower)
  • Materials: Purified Crystal, level 2 socketing materials, Flawed gems, various enchantment crystals
  • Actual Rewards: Purified Crystal, Greater Socketing Rods, Gem Removers, Normal Gems or lower, Heroic Wings, Mount Upgrade Tokens.

Difficult Mode rewards

  • Equipment: level 81-90 Blue (or lower)
  • Materials:Flawed gems, Yellow equipment set materials, gem removal items, other item synthesis materials
  • Actual Rewards: Purified Crystal, Pristine Exelorn Shards, Greater Socketing Rods, Gem Removers, Scratched Gems or lower, Major Enchantment Crystals, Heroic Wings, Mount Upgrade Tokens.

Nightmare Mode rewards

  • Equipment: level 81-90 Blue (or lower)
  • Materials: Scratched gems, gem removers, Item Synthesis Materials, Purple equipment set pieces
  • Actual Rewards: Purified Crystal, Epic Exelorn Shards, Greater Socketing Rods, Gem Removers, Scratched Gems or lower, Dragon Essence, Major Enchantment Crystals, Heroic Wings, Mount Upgrade Tokens.