Through the quest the player learns how to equip a weapon.



To start the quest you must have completed A New Journey and then continue to talk to Claude (in Zensho Island).


Claude: I can tell by looking at you that you must be new around here...

You: *laughs* Am I that obvious?

Claude: You sure are something! Can't say I've ever seen a hero without a weapon, though. Not exactly sure how you're planning to defend Vidalia with your bare hands. Here, try this on for size.


Claude notices that you have no weapons he gives you a starter weapon that appers in your inventory. The player must equip the weapon to complete the quest.


You must equip the starter weapon to complete the quest. After you equip the weapon just speak to Claude again.


You: It feels good to have a weapon in my hands aain!

Claude: Now you look the part of a real adventurer!


  • Starter Weapon
  • 38 copper
  • 90 experience


  • After equipping the weapon the character says that it feels good to have a weapon in the hands again. Yet in the quest Respawn the character says that it does not remember anything in its past life.
  • The character gains a starter weapon through the quest, however it does not display as an offical reward.
  • After completing the quest it is the first time the character levels up for there are no monsters on the island to attack to gain more experience.

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