Equipment Slots

Equipment Slots

There is 15 Places for Equipment in Crystal Saga. Each holds a specific type of Equipment. I will not go into details about many of them only the harder to get stuff that is not covered by the 1st set of quests

Wings Slot

The Wings slot is where you equip your wings when you get them at level 20. There is many events, dungeons, wishing well to upgrade them. A lot of in game stuff gives you the Heroic Wings in the game, along with a lot of people who sell them also.

Hat and Coat Slots

The Hat and Coat Slot you can purchase thru the Shop or sometimes get in special events.

Insig Slot

Insignias are obtained from the Celestial Insignia Master for Red Adamant, Special Events, or the Honor System.

For Red Adamant, it is dropped in Revenant's Vault on Hard mode or Higher. Special Events you have to do what ever is required to obtain it. For the Honor System the 1st Insignia comes available when you hit Noble Rank, You can trade Bronze Stars for it along with a little Silver.

Banner Slot

As I know of right now the only Banners you can get are from the Lionheart banner Master. You can choose a particular stat such as PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF and pay 1pp for a Banner. Then you can get Lionheart upgrade items to upgrade your banner. These are available from the Shop, Events, and potentially dungeons.

Sperion Slot

When you hit level 50 you can access the Sperion System. I will post more on this at a later time.

Equipment Scale

Not all equipment is created equal. In this game it uses a system where each piece has a Grade and then a quality level. This effects what type of base stats it has. As you increase the grade of equipment. The oridinary version has the same stats as the Outstanding version of the prior grade. For example an Ordinary-Outstanding Quailty equipment has the same stats as an Outstanding-Ordinary Quailty Equipment. Each piece has 2 Driving factors:

Grade - Each Grade level has a minimum of +1 to stat if lower than 1 over the prior grade

No Bonus

Quality - Each Grade level has a minimum of +1/-1 to stat if lower than 1 over the prior quality

No Bonus

As you can see an outstanding quality Ordinary item can have the same stats as an Ordinary Quality Outstanding item. The only benefit of the Outstanding item would be the stats in Green under the stats. These random additional bonus make a better Grade item better than lower grades even if they give the same base stats.

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