Dragon Crystal (DC)

The Dragon Crystal is the best item to use to enchant your legendary (orange) equipment. It is currently the best enchanting matieral for Orange Equips (percentage wise)

Farming DCs

Where can you find Dragon crystals?

1. Dungeons : Sacrificial Relics (Hard/Nightmare), Killer's Den (Hard/Nightmare) and Psychodelica (Hard/Nightmare).

It depends on luck (the drops of DC) but Psychodelica has the best chances (number wise, there are more bosses)

2. Fate Shop for 295 crystals each.

3. Events such as the Chamber of Fate.

4. Shops/trades? ;]



Personal tip:

If you want to use it to improve your equipment, it is better to get +4 with Enchantment Stone, Enchantment Crystal or something close to that. Start using Dragon crystals from +4 onwards.