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Every Time You Log-In, You Get Rewards


You receive 1 of each;


Days Items
2 1x Elixir of Vitality, 1x Elixir of Striking, 1x Elixir of Thorns, 1x Elixir of Viciousness (All are bound)
3 1x 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound), 1x Health Orb (Bound), 1x Mana Orb (Bound), 1x Green Dragon Coin
4 1x Master Hammer (Bound), 1x Sperion Socketing Rod Shard (Bound), 1x Red Dragon Coin, 1x Green Dragon Coin
5 3x Elixir of Vitality, 3x Elixir of Striking, 3x Elixir of Thorns, 3x Elixir of Viciousness (All are bound)
6 2x Pet Health Orbs (Bound), 2x Pet Mana Orbs (Bound), 10x Combat Healing Flasks, 10x Combat Mana Flasks
7 1x Rebirth Ginseng (Bound), 2x Maturity Whip (Bound), 2x Training Potion (Bound), 1x Normal Gem Coupon
8 1x Rebirth Ginseng (Bound), 5x Maturity Whip (Bound), 5x Training Potion (Bound), 1x Soul Print (Bound)
9 3x 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound), 3x 2x EXP Token, 5x Green Dragon Coins, 1x Shining Gem Coupon
10+ 100x Earth Soul Orbs (Bound), 1x Soul Shard, 2x Green Dragon Coins, 1 Normal Gem Coupon


Bonus 2 Coupons/Hour

VIP: 4 Coupons/Hour


  • Requires Offline EXP Tokens (1x, 2x, 4x)
  • EXP based on level and tokens consumed