Crystals are a currency that can be obtained by either paying real life money or exchanging Charm points for it. Crystals have various uses, such as upgrading blessings from the Goddess tab, unlocking monsters to absorb in the Monster Handbook, however the main use is buying items from the Fate Shop.

Amount of Each Crystals

399 Crystals = USD 3.99

699 Crystals = USD 6.99

999 Crystals = USD 9.99

4999 Crystals = USD 49.99

9999 Crystals = USD 99.99

19999 Crystals = USD 199.99

29999 Crystals = USD 299.99

How Do I Get Crystals?

You Recharge with a Credit Card for the amounts above.You can also exchange 10 Charm points for it.Exchanging 10 Charm points will earn you 1 Crystal.

What will i Do with This?

For you to buy some items in item shop.1 Crystal is also Required in the Quest "I can has Bear".