Level Requirement: Level 1

Item Type: Consumable-Quest Item

Cannot be traded

Cannot be placed in vault

Do not lose this item under any circumstances! Double click to upgrade.

Death of the delivering player and/or dropping the Crystaloid will result in automatic quest failure!

Use: Delivery Quest : Higher levels gives better gold reward

Obtain: Random level Crystaloid assigned at beginning of delivery. VIP delivery gets level 6+.

You upgrade the Crystaloid with Refining Capsules.

Item Code: 

  • Level 1: [i^q23000] 
  • Level 2: [i^q23001] 
  • Level 3: [i^q23002] 
  • Level 4: [i^q23003] 
  • Level 5: [i^q23004] 
  • Level 6: [i^q23005] 
  • Level 7: [i^q23006] 
  • Level 8: [i^q23007]