A mystical tower has appeared in The Tree of Life! Legend has it this tower is a magical ladder to the heavens that the Ancients called the "Crystal Ladder". Be forewarned: it's not a place for the weak! Only the strong who survive shall be rewarded handsomely. - Ardhon the Guardian


The Crystal Ladder is a series of small maps, referred to as levels, where your party will face different monsters you have to defeat before being able to move on. The Ladder contains many types of monsters, with different strengths and weaknesses, and moving ahead may depend on your party's ability to cooperate and your strategy. 

AFK Mode is enabled. You must be in a Party to enter this event.

Preparing for the Crystal Ladder

The Crystal Ladder currently consists of 75 levels of near constant fighting, if you are going to survive, you have to be prepared. While you may put on or change equipment, you may not use any item in the Crystal Ladder, which means Health and Mana Potions, Health and Mana orbs, hammers, growth food and so on can not be used, so you should have a look over your equipment, health and mana reserves and pet loyalty and repair/refill if necessary.

Unless you are very strong and experienced, you will probably want to go with a party. The combination of classes is largely up to preference, but most parties bring at least one priest with resurrection skill, a DPS and a tank.

Entering the Crystal Ladder

To enter the Crystal Ladder, speak to Ardhon the Guardian in The Tree of Life, The party leader will have to enter the ladder first, by selecting the option for Party Leader, the rest of the party use the member option.

Inside The Crystal Ladder

The objective for most of the levels in the Crystal Ladder is to kill all the monsters, until this is accomplished, you can not proceed to the next level, though you do have the option to leave at any time, either by talking to Ardhon, or by leaving/disbanding the party. You also have to have all the party members on the current level before your leader can progress to the next level, so if any player leaves the ladder for some reason, they have to be removed from your party. 

If a player loses connection during the Ladder run, be sure that at least one online player stays on the level they disconnected on, or else the disconnected player will not be able to rejoin the Ladder run(See the section on Crystal Ladder map instances for more) 

When you first enter the level, you have a 60 second grace period when you will be invisible, but the moment you move or use an active skill you will become visible to the monsters and they will start attacking. Passive attack skills(like the Frost passive on the Fragarach) that may be active when you enter the level will not break your invisibility.

Inside the Ladder, there is an invisible restoration effect, where 5% of mana and HP are automatically restored every 4 seconds. If you need to heal and wish to save your Health Orbs for a harder level, sitting down and letting the restoration effect heal you is an option.

Since the first character to move will draw the initial aggression(aggro) your party may want to decide on what player should be first to break their invisibility depending on the level, some levels are better to kite than to tank, for example.

The Crystal Ladder rewards

The primary reward for the Ladder is experience, each level you complete gives adds to the reward. You will also get Soul Shard x1 for every 10th level(so x1 for 10-19, x2 for 20-29 and so on).

When killed, monsters on the later levels may drop Ladder Gems, these can be collected and turned in to Ardhon in exchange for special Ladder Titles. 

Leaving at Ladder 70 gives 1 Rueful Soul Essence, regardless of it being cleared or not.

Certain Rebirth Quests will require killing a number of monsters on a unique floor (35, 40 and 45). Be sure to give notice to the party leader, so these monsters are not killed before you enter the floor and are able to obtain the kills.

There may also be special event rewards or quests pertaining to the Crystal Ladder, so be sure to check the special events each week.

Ladder Merchants

On some levels of the Crystal Ladder you will encounter NPCs selling certain items for gold and crystal.


Dexter may show up on level 19, 31, 39, 44, 48 and/or 51. He will only show up for the player that does the most amount of damage in between the two levels. His shop contains:

Gold items
Item Price
Golden Fruit of Honor x2 5g
3x EXP Token x1 8g
2x Drop Token x1 4g
Guild Medallion(Silver) x1 10g
Silver Honor Badge x2 10g
Gold Honor Badge x1 50g
Dragon Sword(3 Hour)x1


Crystal Items
Item N Crystal
Heroic Wings x10 10 240
Guild Medallion(Silver)x1 3 300
Moderate Enchantment Crystal x4 10 240
Superior Gem Coupon x1 1 2500
Morph Crystal x5 10 260


Mico is always on level 40, and sells:

Gold Items
Item N Price
Golden Fruit of Honor x2 1 5g
3x EXP Token x1 1 8g
1 Hour AFK Card x1 1 5g
Bronze Honor Badge x2 2 8g
Crystal Items
Item N Crystal
Soul Shard x10 2 800
Wing Combo Pack(15% Off) x1 1 2600
Morph Crystal x5 7 260
Major Enchantment Crystal x4 5 400
Maturity Stone x10 6 300


Ozwald has his shop on level 50, and sells:

Gold Items
Item Price
Pet EXP Pearl x2 5g
1 Hour AFK Card x1 5g
Silver Honor Badge x2 10g
Flying Carpet(3 Hours) x1 50g
Crystal Items
Item N Crystal
Super Mount Upgrade Pack(20% Off) x1 1 6500
Ethereal Wings Combo (20% Off) x1 1 6500
Pixie Upgrade Crystal Pack(20% Off) x1 1 4900
Pet Breeding Stone x10 10 480
Dragon crystal x10 2 1900

Mouse over entries with green text for more information


Shaun is a npc always on level 65, and while doesnt sell anything, he gives the player Health Orb (Bound) x5 upon talking to him once a day.

Crystal Ladder map instances

  The Crystal Ladder consists of a chain of separate maps that, like dungeons, will spawn a new instance of that level's map when the first party member enters it. This instance will be purged when there is no more(online) players on the level. While this aspect of the game mechanic is pretty much invisible to a player, there are a few of special circumstances where this may lead to problems or unpredicted results:

Any player that goes offline or is disconnected while in the ladder will only be able to rejoin if there is at least one online party member still on the level they disconnected from to keep that instance alive, so if a player in your party goes offline, you should wait for him/her to reconnect before going on, and, of course, disconnecting on a solo run will also mean the instance is lost, and you will respawn outside the ladder.

If the server goes down during a ladder run, all active instances will be lost, so laddering when there is a scheduled maintenance or during times when the server is unstable is not recomended.

Another side effect of this instanced system is that if some party members stay behind on one level, while the rest goes on to the next, and then all that went on leave the ladder, the instance of that level will be purged, so that if the players that stayed behind goes on, a new instance will be spawned for them, so that any progress made by the previous members towards killing the monsters will be lost. This is, of course, an uncommon situation, but it is worth notice.

Crystal Ladder Monster List

Level Monster Name(s) Monster(s) Drops Special Note
2 [Ladder] Soul Chomper
3 [Ladder] Elven Poacher x4
4 [Ladder] Iron Beetle
6 [Ladder] Iron Bear x2
8 [Ladder] Masked Assassin x3
10 [Ladder] Dragon Mystic x1, Auron's Egg, Baby Auron x3 [Ladder] Dragon Mystic spawns Auron's Egg. Auron's Egg spawns the Baby Auron. [Ladder] Dragon Mystic occasionally casts a 10 second invinciblity to magic attacks.
11 [Ladder] Spirit Whisperer
16 Stun
17 [Ladder] Artic Thrasher x2 Slow
19 [Ladder] Elite Assassin x3
20 [Ladder] Evil Orison, [Ladder]  Lvl 1 Ladder Gem Same skills as their counterparts in Psychodelia
21 Stun
25 [Ladder] Poisonous Man Eater Monsters are immobile
26 [Ladder] Fire Rat
27 [Ladder] Frost Orge
28 [Ladder] Red Phoenix
31 [Ladder] Thunder Rat x4 Lvl 2 Ladder Gem Stun
33 Stun
34 [Ladder] Phantom Reaper x3
35 [Ladder] Imperial Skeletal Guardian x2
36 [Ladder] Bloodsucking Bat
40 [Ladder] Slitheronia x1
41 Atherian Thunder x  None Atherian Thunder cannot be attacked. Must reach Ardhon the Guardian to progress to 42.
42 [Ladder] Demonic Bat x3, [Ladder] Bloodsucking Bat x3 Lvl 2 Ladder Gem [Ladder] Demonic Bat spawns [Ladder] Bloodsucking Bat
44 Damage Rebound
45 [Ladder] One-eyed Giant x4
46 Lvl 3 Ladder Gem  Drains Mana, Turns invisible periodically
50 Debuff
52 Sharpewolf x3 Push
53 Dark Crystal x2, Mechgolem x4 Dark Crystal are unable to move or attack. Dark Crystal does not drop.
54 Rogue Mystic x4
56 Dragon Bat x4
57 Rotates between invincibility to physical and magic damage
58 Damage Rebound
59 Hammerwolf x4 AoE Damage
61 Lvl 4 Ladder Gem Stun
65 [Ladder] Frostbite x4 AoE Slow. Very little damage.
66 [Ladder] Firebite x4 AoE Damage
67 [Ladder] Flame Drozen x, [Ladder] Frozen Mercer x None

[Ladder] Flame Drozen causes Torrid. [Ladder] Frozen Mercer causes Frozen, Root III, Slow I, Torrid.

[Ladder] Flame Drozen and [Ladder] Frozen Mercer cannot be attacked. Must reach Ardhon the Guardian to progress to 68.

68 [Ladder] Emperor Hoplite x3 Lvl 4 Ladder Gem Damage Rebound
70 [Ladder] Nirvana Phoenix x1 [Ladder] Nirvana Phoenix spawns an egg when it dies. If egg is not killed within a time, a second [Ladder] Nirvana Phoenix spawns.
71 Soul Seeker
73 Death's Helper x3
74 Void Spirit x3
75 Pinky the Peasant, Nasty Noble, Dastardly Duke, Vile Viceroy, Killer King, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune If not killed in order, monsters gain immense damage. Killing one wave spawns the the next wave, and so on. Kill in order listed to clear. Honor-named monsters do not attack.