Colouring words

[n^how^] [f^to^] [a^colour^]

Coding words

Coloured words

Coordinates/ Codes that link to a location

Coding Coordinates

Code for linking to a location

How to decode

The code of items, equipments, NPCs and links can be obtained by using the "Whisper" chat.

1. Type "/"

2. Linking the item into the chat --- click on the items when holding down the "Ctrl" button"

3. Type "spacebar"

4. Type "..." and press Enter

The code of the item will be shown.

List of Items and codes

Item's Name Item's Code Item's colour
Clover Seed [i^g27] blue
Rose Seed [i^g07b] green
Master Hammer (Bound) [i^dc0293] blue
Mystery Gift Pack [i^dch936] blue
Mystery Gift Pack [i^dch936] blue
Sandy Beach Monster 1gaebrij-jl-sd9] blue