Level Requirement: Level 1

Item Type: Consumable-Other

Cannto be traded

Cannot be placed in vault

Recieved Method:Obtained by opening Red Chests in the Treasure Trove. Double-click to recieve contents:

Shining Gem Coupon x2

Soul Shard x2

Pixie Upgrade Crystal x2

Gold Honor Badge x2

Ethereal Wings x2

Unit Price: 1c

Use: Obtain above items


  • Open Red Chest in Treasure Trove Level 6-Requires Red Key
  • Small Treasure
  • Mysterious Treasure

Item Code: [i^dch082]

Also see:

  • Class A Treasure
  • Class B Treasure
  • Gold Treasure
  • Mysterious Treasure
  • Small Treasure

Note: Obtaining this item gives the system message: System: Seems today is (Player)'s lucky day! He/she has recieved a Class S Treasure at (Location)!