Spirit Chi ---> Hegemon Chi ---> Immortal Chi ---> Divine Chi.

Purifiying Chi


  • Amaranthine Essence (Can be obtained from fate shop or from using the alchemize function in the Chi window on equipment of green grade or higher)
  • Chi Essence (Can be bought from fate shop)


  • Purifiying Chi may fail, but upon failling you will gain some lucky stars.
  • Successfully purifying Chi awards the player with a bone.
  • After all 9 bones have lighted up, a node in Chi is activated.
  • When Chi is fully purified, you can go on the Next Chi Level.

Alechmizing Equipment


  • Equipment (Disenchantable)


  • Drag disenchantable equipment into the Alechmize boxes, then hit alechmize. If successful, you will obtain Aramanthine Essences.
  • Higher Quality of equipment can give more Amaranthine Essence.

Chi Aura

After reaching a new level of Chi, an aura is awarded to the player. A total of 4 auras is possible:

Spirit Chi Hegemon Chi Immortal Chi Divine Chi
Chi Aura 1
Chi Aura 2
Chi Aura 3
Chi Aura 4