6/19/2014 - 6/25/2014

8/28/2014 - 9/3/2014

Level Requirement

Level 30+


During this event, enter Lvl. 30+ hard or nightmare dungeons for a chance encounter with a rare new monster: the Summer Snorb! Defeat them for elite monster drops and a chance at 2 or 3 of the following items:

Card Packs contain cards that you’re free to swap with other players. Collect as many cards as you can and return to the Quartermaster to exchange them for a Mystery Pack, once per day for regular players or twice per day for VIPs. Each Mystery Pack will reveal a special item when opened. They can also be purchased in the Shop for 98 Crystal a piece.

Card Combinations Rewards
Card A x4 Mystery Pack x1
Card B x4 Mystery Pack x1
Card C x4 Mystery Pack x1
Card A x1 + Card B x1 + Card C x1 + Card D x1 Mystery Pack x3
Card D x7 Mystery Pack x6

Mystery Pack - Contains ONE of the following:

  • Morph Crystal x2
  • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2
  • Ethereal Wings x2
  • Red Dragon Coin x3

Lucky players may get a surprise!


  • There is a typo on the event. Rather than Morph Crystal reward, the actual pack gives Pixie Upgrade Crystal x2.
  • The surprise is 10x the item you're supposed to get.
  • All Summer Snorb rare drops are bound
  • Unlike the previous Card Collection events, nonVIP players can only exchange for each Mystery Pack Combination once a day, with VIP players having an additional chance.
  • A player is capable of earning up to 35 Card Packs a day (5 from each dungeon), but is limited in exchange. The Card Collection event gives only one card pack a day, with an additional one for VIP players, but allows for unlimited Mystery Pack exchanges.