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Race: Elemental

Type: Offensive (Physical)

Open the pet interface and click on 'Morph'. Use [Morph Crystal] to morph your Baby Demon into a Super Demon

Resistance: Undead

Parameter: 5%

Absorbtion: 15%

Max Maturity: 9.8

Innate Skills: Quick Attack 1, Armor Piercing 1

Obtain: Hatched from a Baby Demon Egg or Baby Demon Egg (Bound).

Success rate of hatching: about 10%

Upgrades into Super Demon. 6 Morph Crystal per attempt.

Also See: Baby Angel


  • Successfully hatching a Baby Demon gives the system message: System:A [Baby Demon] was successfully hatched from a [Baby Demon Egg]! It nuzzles up closely to its new master, [Player's name]!
  • Failling to hatch the Baby Demon gives the private message: System:Oh no! This egg failed to hatch into a pet. Please try again!