The player must speak to Claude the weapons vendor.



To start the quest you must have completed the quest Respawn. Afterwitch you must speak again to the Goddess of Fate (in Zensho Island) who will instruct you to visit Claude the weapons vendor.


Goddess of Fate: The new Vidalia is likely to seem foreign to you. Perhaps you should spend some time getting familiar with your new enviroment. You can't go running around unarmed though. Best go talk to Claude and see if he can help you out.

You: Thank you, dearest Goddess! I'm on my way!


The character is informed that they have little weapons to protect them. The Goddess of Fate suggests that the character should speak to Claude.


To end the quest you must speak to Claude the Weapons Vendor.


Claude: I spend all day molding and forging iron! I must forge the greatest weapon this world has ever seen!

You: Hello! You must be Claude the Weapons Vendor. I've heard rumors that the weapons you fore are those of legends! What an honor to meet you!

Claude: Thank you, brave adventurer! It seems that I'm fated to spend the rest of my days grinding at the forge. It's a tough job, but I'm happy enough to do my part to help protect Vidalia!


  • 23 copper
  • 50 expereince

Next Quest

Equipping Weapons


  • Although it is commented to the character that they have no weapons and are weak the recive no weapons in the quest. However it gains access to the next quest in which a player recives its first weapon.

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