A Day in Vidalia-Info

A Day in Vidalia is a series of short quests that one can undertake to gain coupons and experience, the condition being one must be over level 40. To accept these quests, one must talk to Ronna the Adventurer and select 'A Day in Vidalia'. You can only do these quests 10 times a day.

The reward for completing this quest is level-based EXP, 1 Coupon and 1 Vidalian Pack

The different "Themes" of these quests are listed below. Remember that they are different in the item/monster requested depending on your own level and that it is possible to get the same request several times in a row.

  • Delivery: You get a letter/item to deliver to another NPC anywhere in the world.
  • Gift: You have to buy an item and then deliver it to a NPC anywhere in the world. (Almost always under 1silver)
  • Hunt: You get asked to kill one kind of monster a total of 10 times and then report to an NPC.
  • Collect: You are asked to kill a monster and collect a special item they drop. Different amounts requested. (Between 5-20)
  • Search/Fix: You are given an item and need to go to a special place (named in the item) and then use the item at that spot.